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We are proud to provide various plumbing services to residents of Erie and the surrounding area.  Whether you are looking for drain cleaning, water heater service, toilet repair, unclogging sinks or leak detection, our master plumbers can help to fix the problem.  Also, to provide you piece of mind we are fully license and insured.  Colorado Green Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is even separately licensed by the town of Erie.

Erie Chamber of Commerce

We live in Erie and we support local businesses and the Erie Chamber of Commerce.  Our mission is simply do the highest quality work and to make our customers happy. You deserve an experienced, courteous knowledgable contractor that delivers on promises.  We don't have any surprise pricing when the work is completed. Colorado Green Plumbing, Heating  & Cooling will diagnose your problem and prepare firm pricing for the work needed to be completed. You approve everything with full knowledge of what to expect and then we get it done. We are also so confident in our service that we have a full warranty and a 100% satisfaction guaranty.  If you are looking for master plumbers and HVAC technicians please consider calling us at (720) 263-0572.

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2018 Consumer Confidence Report:

For the year of 2017 the Town of Erie meets and exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards.  The primary water source is the Colorado-big Thompson Project which is delivered via pipeline from Carter Lake in Berthoud.  Chlorine is the main disinfectant used to clean the water for Erie.  The town of Erie has not had any violations for water quality.   Here is the full report if you are interested.

Water Conservation Plan:

The Town of Erie has a healthy and diverse raw water portfolio; efficient raw water delivery systems; and adequate water supplies in storage for the 2018 water year. The Town does not plan on issuing Mandatory Restrictions this year. The Town will continue to carefully manage its water supply based on the uncertainties of existing drought conditions throughout the state.

According to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), the water year ending October 31, 2017 saw below average precipitation; snow accumulation at 45% of average; and temperatures that are above seasonal averages.

In response, many municipalities that implemented both voluntary and mandatory watering restrictions earlier in the year will keep the restrictions in place throughout the winter months. The Town of Erie is closely monitoring the situation and will update the public on specific action plans should drought conditions persist.

Erie is approximately 30 minutes from DIA, 24 minutes from Denver and 15 minutes from Boulder.  (FYI, these times are all dependant on the amount of lead in your foot).  Below is a short history of the Town of Erie.

Prior to the 1870's, and the development of the coal fields, settlers living along Coal Creek earned a living as either merchants or farmers. The few communities along the front range were still miles apart by horseback or stagecoach.   From 1866 until 1979, Erie was one of the largest coal-producing towns in the nation. Numerous settlers contributed to building Old Town and making it one of the liveliest communities in northern Colorado.  The town was named by Richard Van Valkenburg who was an early settler who used to live in Erie, Pennsylvania and it was officially recognized in 1874.

Currently, Erie is a growing thriving community that has almost tripled in size from 2000 - 2010.  With all of the growth it will be interesting to see the census numbers in 2020.  

2018 News Bites:

  • If you are like us you have seen the signs posted for Nine Mile Corner at the corner of Arapahoe and 287.  The question is what is the deal and why won't they just start the project already?  Well we received our answer and it is definitely unique.  The city of Lafayette is attempting to condemn the plot of land that is rightfully owned by the Town of Erie so they can create a buffer between Erie and Lafayette.  Seems crazy that Lafayette can make an appeal to condmen land that they don't own but the case is now being heard by the Colorado Supreme Court.  For more info check out this article
  • Boy this has been a really fun topic in the last several years .... Oil and Gas.  This seems to really inflame people on either side, so the Town of Erie has decided to hold 3 one on one sessions to discuss oil and gass issues that pertain to Erie.  I'm sure there will be some heated conversations in this format so as of now to attempt to keep the peace the town is requiring people to sign up for one of the slots.  Oil and Gas is a major topic in Erie and you can keep up with the information by going here.
  • Vehicle trespassing and theft is rising in Erie.  The theft rings hit again in early October and the groups perpetrating these crimes are organized and working in teams.  The town has requested that residents make sure to lock your car doors, because a vast majority of the thefts were due to unlocked cars. 

Good info to keep handy for the Town of Erie Residents

  • Water or Wastewater Service Contact the Town of Erie Utility Billing at 303-926-2752
  •  Phone, Cable & Internet
    • Comcast: 1-800-934-6489
    • CenturyLink: 1-877-744-4416
  • Electricity has two options unless you have solar :-0
    • xCel - 1-800-481-4700
    • United Power - 303-659-0551


We will never attempt to sell you something you don’t need. We believe our honest approach is why we have earned the trust and respect of our customers.  We are at your residence or business to provide you the service that you requested.


As a local Colorado business we understand that if we take care of our customers they will take care of us.  We pride ourselves in greeting our customers with a smile, handshake, and a promise to treat your home better than our own.


Our team consists of master & journeyman technicians, who are fully trained and "get it".  We take the time to keep up with the latest industry training and technology to make sure we can provide the highest quality customer experience.

Paul Lingenfelter Owner of Colorado Green Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

My name is Paul Lingenfelter and I am the president of Colorado Green Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.  We are a team of master plumbers and HVAC technicians.  Taking pride in your work is how we conduct business which means we don't really have any call backs, because we get it right the first time.  We are so confident in our results and our workmanship that we offer every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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