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Water Heater Repair

If your water heater is not heating water efficiently or is  leaking, then the unit is probably in need of maintenance or repair. There is no minor leak on a water heater and they can quickly turn into a major ordeal.  Due to the fact that you are dealing with water and or electricity or gas we highly suggest contacting a professional when repaing a water heater.  However, the first thing you should do if you notice a leak is to either cut the power to the unit if it is electricity based or you should shut off the gas if it is a gas based water heater.    

If the water leak is substantial then you should also shut off the cold water supply to the unit by turning the water valve on the cold water line that is feeding the hot water heater.  Shutting off the water will most likely slow down the leak even if it doesn't completely stop it.  You should also be extremely careful because you are dealing with hot water so you don't want to burn your hands.  If you are unsure about any of the steps then leave everything alone and contact Colorado Green Plumbing as quickly as possible.  

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Great service, prices and very attentive, he even came back to hook up the stove when it was delivered! Highly recommend, this is what businesses used to be like.
Gretchen Williams
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