Do I need a sump pump repair plumbing contractor?

Water problems in your basement? Don’t ignore that for long, or you may end up losing more than half of the potential living space in your home. Factor in housing costs these days, and you may have a substantial loss on your hands. It also goes beyond the monetary costs; a moist basement can also lead to mold and mildew growth, bringing with it its related health and breathing hazards. Water that ends up collecting in your basement can originate from several possible sources, but almost all such problems can be easily corrected with Colorado Green Plumbing Services.

In fact, most basement water problems may not end up being basement problems at all. Rather, they may be as a result of exterior drainage problems, so it’s best you do a visual inspection of the drainage system around your home. This includes making sure that surrounding gutters aren’t clogged, and that downspout extensions that carry water runoff from your roof protrude at least 4 feet beyond the foundation.

My basement is flooded, what do I do?

If your basement is still flooded, the best solution is to install a sump pump. A sump pump is a mechanical pump installed in the lowest part of your basement. It helps keep the submerged part of your building dry and prevents flooding. It works by collecting water from under the foundation of your house and dumping it into the nearest storm drain or dry well.

Sump pumps are usually installed in specially constructed pits called sump pits. Water in your basement flows into the sump pit via drains or water through soil migration. The sump pump then pumps this water out of the pit and away from the building so your basement stays dry.

Do you need experienced professionals to help you take care of your sump pump installation or repairs?

Well, look no further! Colorado Green Plumbing Services is ready to address and resolve any plumbing issue you may have with your sump pump. We can help you handle anything, from simple sump pump repairs to new sump pump installation and replacement of old sump pumps.

Should I install a sump pump by myself?

Frankly, it is a matter of choice. You can install a sump pump yourself, but then you will have to deal with a million tiny details. Also, any errors you make will cost more than the installation itself, as most homeowners insurance companies do not cover water damage resulting from water that enters your basement through the floor. You may have to repair all of the damage to your basement and valuables yourself if your installation is in any way faulty. However, you can ensure that your sump pump is properly installed and will last for a long time by calling for professional help. Colorado Green Plumbing Services is always at hand to assist you when installing a sump pump in your house. Our services are guaranteed, and we also perform maintenance and repair.

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Like with all equipment, maintenance of your sump pump is critical in order to protect your home and your pump, particularly before a major weather event. You can also install a sump pump backup system, which is powered by electricity or your home’s water supply. Colorado Green Plumbing Services will help you select the best backup system to properly defend your home against flooding. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Please read through your sump pump manual so you become familiar with the required maintenance instructions.
  • Most sump pumps are electrical and have a battery backup in the event of emergencies or power failure. It is important to ensure that your battery is fully charged
  • Make sure that any street storm drain in front or close to your house is kept clean and free of debris, like garbage and leaves in the fall. Accumulated debris may block your storm drain and bring water into your basement even without a weather event.
  • In cases where your sump pump stalls or refuses to pump, pour a five-gallon bucket of water into the pump pit. This should turn the device on and remove water from the pit. If this does not work, call a professional plumbing service to repair or replace it.
  • Do not place any objects near the sump pump that may obstruct its functioning.

Remember that even with proper maintenance, things breakdown and need repairs. If your sump pump is not working properly, is making strange noises, or is slow to remove water from the pit, schedule a visit with our master plumbers and we will make sure your sump pump is working properly as soon as possible!




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