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Niwot Water Quality

What You Need to Know
Water quality in Niwot, Colorado is 100 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). Note that this is a measure of Watershed quality, not the water that comes from your faucet. The EPA has stated that a healthy watershed is closely related to drinking water quality. The EPA has a complex method of measuring watershed quality using 15 indicators such as pH, chemicals, metals, and bacteria.

Water Quality FAQ

1. Is our tap water safe to drink?
Yes, our water more than meets all regulatory mandates. Drinking water is regulated through the State Health Department (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

2. Where does our water come from?
The sources of our water are the Left Hand Creek Basin and water delivered from Carter Lake by the Colorado Big Thompson Project.

3. What can sometimes make my water smell/taste bad?
Water can pick up tastes and odors from new pipe, from low usage in the treated water or from natural elements in the source water. Taste and odor events often occur seasonally during blooms of algae or aquatic plants. Although the plant material is removed during treatment, sometimes the odors persist. Tastes and odors in treated water are not harmful, but we do take steps to try and eliminate them.

4. Why is the water discolored?
The discoloration is usually rust from aging pipes. It is not harmful, but is aesthetically displeasing. Discoloration of the water can be a result of disturbances in the water line due to using a hydrant improperly, installing new pipe, or shutting off the water to a local area for system maintenance. Home plumbing can also cause discoloration of the water.

5. Do I need a water filter?
Your tap water is perfectly safe without one. If you have an internal problem with your plumbing, you may want to consider a filter or treatment system.

Do you need garbage disposal repair or possibly bathroom plumbing?
If you need general plumbing, heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, we are here to help!




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