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Loveland Water Source/Treatment Process

What You Need to Know
The City of Loveland’s raw water is a blend, supplied by surface water from the Colorado River and Big Thompson River basins that include the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap projects. The intakes are located at the Big Thompson River and at the Charles Hansen Feeder Canal.  Improvements made during 2016 have expanded and improved the treatment capacity of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to a maximum day production of 38 million gallons per day (MGD). The city is now better able to meet increased service demands and comply with EPA and state mandated water quality and treatment regulations. Raw water quality may vary during the year. It can be affected by spring runoff, rainstorms, accidental spills and drought. Taste and odor causing algae exists seasonally in Loveland’s raw water supplies. As necessary, through the years, the City has applied a variety of algaecides to the Green Ridge Glade Reservoir. These algaecides are specifically designed for controlling algae and the taste and odor compounds they create. These algaecides do not get through the treatment processes into the distribution system. The City is in the process of evaluating various ways to reduce algal growth in the future. Powdered activated carbon is used in the treatment process to absorb taste and odor causing compounds. Raw water algae treatment and a well maintained water treatment process can protect consumers against most unwanted taste and odor occurrences during periods of excessive algal growth. Although water quality is not compromised during periods of algae related taste and odor events, eliminating such events is of the utmost importance.
Monitoring and analysis is conducted on the reservoir, the Big Thompson River, and other water sources (up to and including the western most point in the Colorado/Big Thompson water system) to better monitor
the city’s source water.

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